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"Join us."

The career development

The company has different career development channels such as management, RESEARCH and development, quality, equipment management, process technology, production management, marketing, etc. You can combine the company's job needs and personal career planning to find suitable opportunities for your career development.

Employee benefits

Cultivation of talents

Orientation: Guide is assigned to all positions to be responsible for the work and learning of new employees and to promote the rapid integration into the team;
Training and development: perfect training system and budget, abundant internal trainer team, to help employees to learn and progress;
Promotion system: pay attention to the cultivation of internal talents, have a complete position and rank development system, provide smooth promotion channels for staff career development, realize the common growth of individuals and enterprises;


Yinbang Shares attaches great importance to talent training, assists employees to enhance their career value, provides them with all-round development opportunities, shares and increases knowledge and expertise, and collaborates to promote innovation.

Job listings

  • Production operator

    Job responsibilities

    1、abide by the process discipline, according to the process or operation rules to operate;; 

    2、Operate the production process carefully, and report any abnormal situation to the team leader or workshop management immediately;

    3、constantly improve operational skills, and actively put forward reasonable suggestions to the leadership;


    1、Male, under 45 years old;

    2、Junior high school or above;

    3、can bear hardships and stand hard work, serious and responsible work, loyal to duty;

    4、can adapt to shift work, overtime;

  • Forklift operator

    Job responsibilities

    1、Responsible for the safe, timely and accurate handling of products and materials; 

    2、Daily maintenance and maintenance of forklift;

    3、Obey the work arrangement of superior leaders, cooperate with workshop to complete the workload of the day according to production needs;


    1、Male, under 45 years old;

    2、Junior high school or above, more than 1 year forklift driving experience;

    3、can bear hardships and stand hard work, serious and responsible work, loyal to duty;

    4、can adapt to shift work, overtime;

    5、Familiar with APS, ERP and other software is preferred;

  • IT engineer

    Position Information:

    1、Responsible for the online and daily maintenance of the company's information system;

    2、Responsible for communicating with relevant business departments of the company on requirements and forming requirements documents;

    3、Responsible for the management of system implementer, ensuring the timely development of requirements, and conducting tests to achieve the requirements of business departments;

    4、Strictly implement ERP project management process, and put forward constructive suggestions for product improvement;

    5、Prepare system operating environment on site, including system, data and personnel, and be responsible for online training and circular training for users;

    6、Responsible for the secondary development of specific functional modules in the system;


    1、Bachelor degree or above, major in communication, computer or related;

    2、At least 2 years working experience in computer software maintenance;

    3、Familiar with OA software, email system, HR system and other enterprise management software; Familiar with Windows operating system and Office software, SQL or Oracle database; Have some understanding of hardware facilities of computer room;

  • Process engineer

    Job responsibilities
    1、Responsible for developing various process documents such as operation instructions and training operators;

    2、Responsible for the supervision, inspection and assessment of the process execution in the production process;

    3、Responsible for the maintenance and improvement of process technology, and realize the improvement of yield and the reduction of cost;

    4、Participate in the analysis of quality problems in the production process and put forward improvement measures, track the effect and solidify process;

    5、Responsible for the maintenance and management of ERP system process data;


    1、Bachelor degree or above, major in material, metal processing or related;

    2、At least 2 years related working experience;

    3、Familiar with IATF 16949 system, familiar with metal composite material product knowledge, familiar with process management knowledge;

  • The maintenance worker

    Job responsibilities

    1、Responsible for the maintenance and implementation of equipment;

    2、Responsible for emergency repair of equipment failure;

    3、Responsible for general equipment transformation and installation;


    1、Male, under 40 years old;

    2、Technical secondary school/high school or above, equipment maintenance experience is preferred;

    3、can bear hardships and stand hard work, serious and responsible work, loyal to duty;

    4、can adapt to shift work, overtime;

    5、electrician, welder, special work certificate is preferred;